Conscious Colouring

Too often we seek distraction from the painful and uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and situations in our lives, choosing to drown ourselves in a substance or numb ourselves with mindless activity. Distraction strategies don’t solve the problem. They only defer arriving at a solution.

Real change begins with awareness, deepens with analysis, solidifies with acceptance and transforms with constructive action.

This book is intended to begin that first phase of change . . . planting seeds of awareness. Read the poems, reflect on them as you colour. Read the reflection questions. Answer them and ponder them as you colour. Deepen your awareness of your inner landscape.

Begin the process of change.
And then be the change.

Purchase a copy for yourself or a loved one and begin the journey back to yourself.


Feel free to email me completed pages if you are comfortable sharing them with the world and I will add them to this site.