Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy

Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy (PAP) refers to therapeutic practices that involve the ingestion of a psychedelic substance, that temporarily slows down function in the default mode network of the brain, allowing subconsciously stored material to surface. This allows for the processing of that material with the help of a therapist. Clinical trials have shown that ingesting a psychedelic in a carefully prescribed and monitored setting can induce an experience that is medically safe and that provokes profound, durable psychological and behavioural change. Psychedelics have been used in the treatment of a variety of mental health disorders like alcohol, drug and nicotine dependence, anxiety and depression, PTSD and a host of other issues. There are numerous clinical trials being conducted worldwide, with promising results.

I did my PAP certifications at ATMA in 2022 and the Integrative Psychiatry Institute in 2023.

I do not currently offer individual psychedelic assisted therapy, but work with groups in conjunction with Dimensions Algonquin Highlands. You can find out more here: and can contact Dimensions directly if you want to work with me in that capacity. The sessions would be limited to the group format and follow the protocols set up by Dimensions and their clinical team. We are currently using Cannabis in an intentional and ceremonial setting and they will be brining on other plant medicines as and when they are legalized for clinical use by the government and Health Canada. You can find out more about the Canadian government’s regulations around Cannabis use here:

For more information about Psychedelics and ongoing research in this re-emerging field please check out the links below: